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We all have some sort of pension – even if it only a state pension to look forward to. The vast majority have some sort of additional pension either paid by their former employer(s) or by an insurance company via a “personal pension”.

Due to the nature of employment it’s common to have many “pots” of pension. These “pots” were often transferred between schemes. In many cases valuable guarantees were given up. This often resulted in victims having black holes in their pension funds – often without even knowing.

Others who have reached retirement have converted their pensions into income only to find the capital value disappearing over a cliff. These products may also have been mis-sold bearing in mind that completely guaranteed options were available.

We understand that pensions are a complex matter and few people know what they are likely to receive, should have received or could be receiving. We will be pleased to carry out an entirely free analysis of your pension arrangements to establish if you have been badly advised. If we feel you are entitled to compensation we can make a claim on your behalf. You pay us nothing unless you are compensated.

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gray-quotation-marks66-I was advised to transfer my pension from BT to a private pension.   I had worked there for many years and was really annoyed I fell for the salesman’s patter.  Whitehall Randall made a claim for me and I received £48,000 to cover the loss I had


Mr A of Middlesex May 8, 2014

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